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Puja Kumari

Puja Kumari is a bright and inquisitive girl who aspires to gain as much knowledge as she can in her life. She is constantly on a quest to learn more. She is full of energy and ambition. She is a law graduate from Government Law College, Mumbai. Her father is a retired Indian Navy personnel and her mother is a housewife. Puja has two sisters and she is the youngest of them.

When asked why she would like to do law, she replied that law is a subject where a person can develop a range of skills and can explore many aspects of human life. It helps one develop their personality and it is also a means for securing justice to people. She feels that law is perhaps the only field that gives you a lot of freedom to specialize in various fields. While treading through law school and doing internships, she became inclined towards Dispute Resolution and since then she actively pursued her interest in Dispute Resolution by doing internships that will give her more exposure to the practice.

In her free time, she likes reading poetry, and her favourite poets are Mary Oliver and Rudy Francisco. She also enjoys doing yoga. She believes that in order to be successful in life, one has to be passionate about the work they do and have to take responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm.

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