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Anuradha Mondal

Anuradha is a personification of resilience and steely determination. The tragic demise of her father when Anuradha was just 13 years old left her family (consisting of her mother and brother) in deep financial troubles. Since then, she has had to fight her way through many obstacles and challenges.

Her mother is a homemaker. After her father’s demise, her family of three worked hard to barely make ends meet. Anuradha had to take on grave responsibilities at a very young age.

Anuradha is very persistent, hard working, and sincere. She graduated from Kalyani Public School, Barasat. She was introduced to IDIA through her brother. Thereafter, she was trained by IDIA’s affiliate partners, Do-Zen and LST.

Anuradha aspires to be a judge to make valuable contributions to the society. In her own words, “There are people who are probably going through situations much worse than mine. Since I have a fair idea of the difficulties and challenges faced by people, I want to use my power to help them. I’d love to make a difference and to leave a positive impact on the community, irrespective of how big or small it is.”

With these aspirations, Anuradha secured a seat at Calcutta University, Department of Law. With this focus and determination, Anuradha aspires to study law. This young would-be lawyer is also interested in music and loves to play different instruments. With deep interest in legal research, she has been a Research Assistant to Prof. Shagufta Anjum at the Centre for Excellence in Women, Child and Law, IFIM, and also to Prof. Pritam Ghosh at the Centre for Excellence in International Law and Human Rights, IFIM. She is also fond of teaching and has interned with Maya Foundation, Kolkata, where she taught underprivileged children along with doing myriad other interesting work.

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