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Sandeep Golani

National Law University, Odisha

It is said that determination finds its own way. Sandeep Golani’s success is a telling example. Born and brought up in Bhopal, Sandeep’s annual family income was about Rs 40,000. A focused student, Sandeep scored 94.8% in his 12th standard exams. Keen to develop all round skills, he also showed interest in oration and played chess and badminton.

Sandeep was always interested in the field of law and thought it would make for a good
career for someone who was passionate about positive change. He approached Legal
Edge who directed him towards IDIA. Given the lack of awareness and understanding
about the field of law, some of his family members preferred that he spend time contributing to the household, instead of preparing for his law entrance test. This tension was exacerbated by his constant absence, given the need to travel to the coaching centre and library for preparation — a time-consuming and exhausting exercise due to the distance and absence of a personal vehicle.

Sandeep was quite stressed throughout this experience, and admittedly fell into depression during this time. While some would understandably give up and lose hope as a result, he persevered and fought through — and was admitted into a national law school as a result!

In addition to performing very well academically, Sandeep actively participates in co-curricular activities and has written many articles/posts. He has also interned at many places including Solomon & Co., Mumbai; AK & Partners, New Delhi and Aureus Law Partners, Bhopal.

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