Vaibhavi Rajendra Pedhavi

Gandhinagar Nat’l l Law University

Vaibhavi hails from Zirad, a village in coastal Maharashtra. Her father worked two jobs to provide for his family – he was a farmer and also ran a small shop to support a family of 5. They lived in a humble abode, with very little public transportation access. All this adversity did not deter Vaibhavi.

Vaibhavi won several essay competitions, elocution events, and also represented her school in numerous basketball tournaments in school. She also sings and plays the harmonium beautifully. And all the while, she performed very well in class too – scoring a whopping 89.60% in her 11th standard exams. During her college days, she interned with SOS Children Villages of India, an NGO in Alibag,

Vaibhavi was interested in law since childhood. Biographies of our founding fathers and freedom fighters such as Mahatma Gandhi and Pt. Nehru influenced her deeply. However, her real impetus came through an unfortunate incident, when she lost her dear uncle in a fishing boat accident. They could get no compensation as they were not aware of their rights and had no access to legal counsel. Vaibhavi now wants to remedy this and hold a torchlight for her community and those around her; so they can be aware of and fight for their rights. She is keenly aware of the law and its potential for justice and social transformation. After qualifying as a lawyer, Vaibhavi wishes to unleash a platform where the poor and needy are provided free access to justice.

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