Anand Shankar

Anand is a highly passionate and hardworking student. His father is a police constable who is chronically ill, while his mother is a homemaker. His father’s illness makes it very hard for the family to sustain themselves in a city.
Anand was born in Patna, Bihar. His family is originally from a small village in Sonepur and they moved to Patna for his father’s job. Anand never let adversities become a hurdle in his path. By working hard and being the first student in his family to crack a national level exam, he wants to set an example to all who are facing difficulties to never give up.

Anand has performed consistently well in his studies. He secured 83.6% in tenth standard and then pursued his twelfth standard studies in the Science stream. He likes reading about theoretical physics and is deeply interested in law and how it affects the lives of common people.

Anand came to know about law as a career choice when he was searching for options that will help him to know more about society, and he liked the way law is intertwined with the everyday life of a common man. He is looking forward to using his legal education as a tool for the betterment of society.

Anand believes that studying law will not only help him reach his true potential, but also help him acquire the necessary skills to give back to society. Anand wants to provide free and easy access to legal aid to the underprivileged sections of society. He sees law as a shining hope in the eyes of those who are surrounded by adversities and still want to achieve something.

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