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Hunny Kumar

ILS Law College, Pune

Hunny hails from a border district between Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. His family includes his parents, grandmother, and his uncle. His father is a farmer, and his mother is an Asha worker. 

Hunny joined as an IDIA Trainee with the IDIA Delhi Chapter in 2019. He took a break after finishing his 12th standard and was strongly determined to get admission to a top-tier law college in India. Hunny did not get easily dissuaded by the challenges and the difficult circumstances that he faced. During his training with us, he worked hard to improve his English and Logical Reasoning skills. He did not lose focus even during the turbulent times of the pandemic.

Hunny values his connections and relationships with his family and friends. He is a warm-hearted person who cherishes the little moments in his life. He likes listening to music which helps him stay calm and focused. Hunny wants to support his parents and make them proud by excelling academically and changing his circumstances. 

He is a shy but confident young man who is eager to improve his skills and abilities. He is very humble, curious, and hardworking. We are sure that these qualities will help him in overcoming the challenges that he might face during his journey as a law student and a legal professional.

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