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Vishnupriya KV

Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi

Vishnupriya hails from Kozhikode, a district located in the Northern parts of Kerala. She is the youngest in her family. Her mother, who works as a typist, has been her family’s sole support system since her father passed away when Vishnupriya was studying in the 9th standard. Despite the trying circumstances, she is academically diligent and scored A+ in all her subjects in the 10th Standard. She continued to excel in the 12th standard and scored 95.5% in her board exams.

She got a chance to pursue her childhood interest in pursuing when she was introduced to IDIA through her friend’s cousin and an IDIA sensitisation session. She got selected as an IDIA Trainee among many students who had given the IDIA National Aptitude Test.

Vishnupriya had to work part-time as a typist to help ends meet. However, IDIA’s support helped her to focus on the law entrance exams. Her IDIA mentors gave her dedicated guidance ranging from providing study materials to motivating her before the law entrance exams. She is grateful for their support. She was also enrolled with Acing CLAT through IDIA.

Apart from academics, Vishnupriya loves art. She draws and paints during her free time. She hopes that she facilitates the fight for justice for those around her along while securing her future with a degree and a career in law. Throughout her time as a Trainee with us, saw her incredible growth due to her consistency and determination. She’ll carry these qualities through her journey in law school.

Headshot of Vishnupriya. She is smiling and wearing a white shirt. She is standing with trees in the background.

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