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First Sensitisation by IDIA Odisha’s Sensitisation Team

 – Sourav Mishra, Co-Team Leader, IDIA ODISHA (Sensitisation)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015: The day finally arrived. Students of National Law University Odisha conducted IDIA’s first ever sensitisation event of the newly formed Sensitisation Team of IDIA’s Odisha Chapter at Emarti Devi College, Cuttack. The team reached the venue at 10 a.m. and was greeted by the Principal-in-Charge and Supervisor of the college. With an attendance of more than 200 students in a single lecture hall, the team knew that there was a need for utmost sincerity in conduct of sensitisation, primarily because of it being their first sensitisation event ever.

The event kicked off with a speech in Odia by Miss SaistaParwin, Member, describing what IDIA is, how it helps the underprivileged section of the society, and the possibility of far-reaching impact of IDIA if the entire State of Odisha believes in what IDIA believes: Increasing Diversity by Access to Legal Education.


Thereafter, the official IDIA video was shown to the students, which perfectly captured their attention and ensured that they are completely tuned into the team’s presentation. After this, a skit was presented by the team, describing the importance and relevance of knowledge about legal rights in the present day society, and the role of a lawyer in protecting such legal rights. The audience appreciated the event with a huge round of applause. I believe that the skit, on standalone basis, was too good!

A skit demonstrating the social contribution of law was an instant hit.

This event was followed by an interactive session in Odia, anchored by Mr. Subhankar Das, Member, who not only entertained the students, but also collected their views on their perception of law as a part of their lives.

Thereafter, the team moved towards perhaps, the most important part of the event. Mr. Kartikey Gupta, Team Leader – Mentorship, and Miss Aditi Bhatt, Team Leader – T&M, helped students solve practice tests and explained how to tackle similar questions in the aptitude test, which was conducted subsequently. The final test was taken up by 55 students, out of which 11 students have qualified for the interview.

What was special in the team’s 1st Sensitisation event was not just the fact that it was a first of its kind and interesting, but the amount of attention it got on both print and social media. The team had officially launched its Facebook page ( on 21st of September, 2015; the night before its first sensitisation. After the sensitisation, in a matter of two days, the page crossed 200 likes. That was unusual, and yet great for us! Not only that, but because of the brilliance of this initiative, the team’s first sensitisation also attracted the interest of newspapers. It was published by Odisha News Insight, Odisha Samaya as well as SarbaSadharana. Therefore, the awareness, knowledge and idea of IDIA has spread its reach in the core of our state, Odisha. This has been possible only due to the dedication, sincerity and motivation of the team.

Yet, it may be concluded, that this is only just the beginning! The team is all set and excited for sensitizing, the whole of this historic, traditional and beautiful state of Odisha, in the times to come.

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