Pep Talk by Murali Neelakantan


On 2nd March,2015, a pep talk was organized by the Director of IDIA Mumbai team, Mr Arnab Roy in which Mr. Murali Neelakantan was the keynote speaker. The session continued for two hours in which he shared useful piece of information with the team members on various issues.

First of all he laid emphasis on planning, which is the foremost step of any work. If it is done in a proper way, the rest is easy to follow. He also advised to plan in a backward way, like if the target is CLAT 2016 than start backwards from 2016 rather than going from 2015. This would not only make our work easier but will also be convenient as there will be provision for exams, holidays, moots and all.

He also urged to take help from the Bar and the people from law firms and corporates. Taking them along during the sensitization will not only serve as a beacon of light for young aspirants but will also help them us in making students understand in a better.

Also there is no harm in interacting with volunteers of other chapters as it will give us various ideas. What may not have worked there might work here and vice versa. For instance Dabbawalas of Mumbai can help disseminate information quite efficiently. They are in contact with the ones whom we want to target. What more can be better than this? However this may not work elsewhere.

pep-talk-2It becomes easier for the new students to grab the topic if we associate it with their likes and dislikes. Taking this in mind he gave a brilliant idea through which we can connect to students. He suggested to go and ask students what they usually enjoy doing and then connect it to law, rather than forcing law as a career on them. The thing that comes in this way is how to convince teachers and parents? So there arises a need to sensitize them too. Teachers have a very strong influence on students. So in order to reach to the minds of students, firstly we need to sensitize them. Even if the student does not takes up law himself or give the aptitude test but the session should be that good that it creates a positive impression of law in his mind.

It is always advisable to be prudent in one’s approach i.e. “provide for all possible losses”, but what if a plan succeeds beyond one’s thought? Hence there must always be a Plan B and Plan C. This would help overcome unwanted situations and thus will not hamper the smooth functioning. Also dividing work among team members and holding frequent meeting will ensure efficiency and follow up.Follow up of every activity is a must. Also it would be better if a personal touch is given wherever possible. This would reduce formality and there would be a better and longer connection, be it the lawyers or the school,students, teachers etc.  Preparing a framework and pattern of work would serve as a guide to all batches of future teams.Systematic record of everything would ensure that the new volunteers easily understand the working. This would prove quite useful in maintaining the continuity of the work.

pep-talk-3A very good idea regarding promotion of IDIA was given wherein we can talk to organizers of day to day events in college and bar to play “a small but a very strong” video clip. This would arouse people to come forward and know what IDIA is. Such small acts can go a long way in strengthening our base and would establish a network among law students.

No doubt, after working so hard, each one of us deserves appreciation. There is nothing wrong in applauding success of any event or any member, so there should be celebrations as well. This would help in team building and boosting the morale of everyone.

The session instilled each member with enthusiasm and a new hope to make it a success. Being a successful lawyer himself, talking to him was really a great experience. We would make sure to abide to these suggestions and improve ourselves in all aspects. With this ardent desire to “Increase Diversity by Increasing Access” we are all set to lend our helping hand in this noble task and thank Mr. Murali for his valuable time with us.

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