Revisiting the IDIA Delhi Conference – IDIA Scholar Aravind writes



This is with regard to the conference which I have attended which was happened on 3rd of May 2014. It is an IDIA (Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education) conference. Although this is not the first conference which was organized by IDIA. But it has its own significance. It is the conference which was organized by IDIA with all renowned people such as distinguished judges, partners of Law firms, Advocates, professors, Vice-chancellors, and Registrars of highly reputed universities like National Law School Bangalore and National Law University Delhi.  Etc. In short, all the well-wishers of IDIA along with the IDIA scholars attended the conference.

It gives me an immense pleasure to share all those feelings and experiences with you.

(Before doing that) First of all let me introduce myself to you. I am Aravind. I am from Nellore in Andhra Pradesh. Currently, I am pursuing law from The National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) Kolkata. I am in my 4th year. More importantly, I am visually challenged. I am telling this to you because you can understand the following things more clearly and in a better manner.


Regarding the conference:

As I discussed earlier that this is not the first conference which was organized by IDIA. However, this conference stands out from that of all other conferences organized by IDIA. In this conference, IDIA made its efforts to bring all its well wishers and IDIA scholars together. This is the first of its kind. It has to be noted that, no IDIA scholar has participated in any other conferences of IDIA so far.

For this conference, IDIA invited all its well wishers who are residing in different parts of the country. All the renowned people including the distinguished guests attended the conference. As a Law student, I kept on hearing all their names on one occasion or other. But, it was totally different experience when I was sharing the same platform in the conference with them.

I met almost everyone who have attended the conference. But, I couldn’t meet few because; they stayed in the conference only for a particular period of time. They left because of their other engagements. But, I would like to thank them for attending the conference despite of their busy schedule.

In the conference, IDIA has decided to give place for various issues. They kept different concepts for discussion. In addition to that, the organizers of the conference designed it in a very engaging manner. There was no fall in the energy levels at any point of time. In fact, the conference became more and more interesting with its progress.

Introduction to the Conference:

At first, the conference has started by Shamnad sir’s address. He welcomed every one for the conference. Thereafter, Vice chancellor’s of the prestigious universities in India such as Ranbir Singh (NLUD), and Venkat Rao (NLS), have addressed the audience.

Regarding the IDIA of Justice:

After that, Gopal sir gave the key note address. He gave the speech on IDIA of justice. It was an amazing one. It actually motivated me to think about various aspects such as law, justice etc in a different prospective.

Thereafter, we had a break for tea. In that break, I went and met few people who have attended the conference. As the break is only for 15 minutes, I was able to meet only a few people that time.

The Second Session:

After the tea break, we had a wonderful session with different panelists. The renowned people like x, y, z preceded over the session.  Ms. Madhurima Mukherjee, a leading capital market lawyer at AZB, Delhi and an important member of IDIA’s Board of Advisors, is the one who had moderated the session. The issues which we have discussed in that particular session is a wonderful one. The issues such as A, B, C, X, Y, Z have been discussed in that session. It was very good to hear all those speakers who are sharing their experiences. As a Law student, it interested me a lot to hear all those people who are dealing with the practical world.

The Third Session:

The session was followed by the session with Siddharth Luthra. His session was been finalized in the last moment. As he was struck with several engagements for that day, no one is sure about his presence. But, despite of his hectic schedule he have taken some of his precious time for the sake of the conference. He addressed on a, b, c, x, y, z. He shared about his life journey with us. It has inspired me a lot. He also have discussed about various tips with regard to the lawyers personality, how to face the challenges, how wins and losses are important in ones life etc. I have learnt lot from the session.

Thereafter, we break for lunch. The volunteers of NLUD had directed me to the mess. Everyone who came for the conference gathered there. At that moment, I was able to meet few others. Whom ever I have met in the conference is extremely good. They are very kind. They have interacted very nicely with me. Although, I had the intention of meeting people. But, I was bit nervous in the beginning because of the fact that   they all are from the remarkable    positions in the society. But, I didn’t take much time to realize that I am completely wrong with regard to their attitude (personality).   They all showed a great level of interest at the time of interaction. I am very Thankful to all of them.


After the lunch, IDIA volunteers performed a skit. We gathered in the auditorium for that purpose. The skit   is with regard to the prospective of law in the society. It was quite brilliant. I was able to hear people clapping and laughing through out the performance. The skit reflected the prospective of law in the society. It was mainly focused to depict how the people pursue the law in the society. At the end of the performance, they conveyed the message that “how sensitization of law is very important in the society”. In short, the skit was both entertaining as well as message oriented.

Open Heart with IDIA Scholars:

Thereafter, we all again seated in the conference hall. Shamnad sir announced the next program as per schedule. The session is designed for IDIA scholars. As it is the conference where all the family members of IDIA are coming together at one platform. Some of the IDIA scholars showed interest to share their feelings with them. They themselves took initiative and came forward for such purpose. Shamnad sir, called up the names of IDIA scholars one after the other to share their experiences with all of them.

At first, the organizers of IDIA thought that they are running out of time and they were planning to allow only few IDIA scholars to share their experiences. However, they realized it later that they are left with little more time. Therefore, I got the chance to speak. I was the last one to share about my experiences with them.

My Speech Experience during the Conference:

As I said earlier that I was very nervous to see all those renowned people at one place. For such a person like me, I got the chance to share my experiences with them. So, as soon as Shamnad sir called me on to the dais. There was bit hesitation in my mind. One part of my mind is saying “No! Stop! Don’t go!! You are so nervous. You are so panicky. What if?  , if you are not able to communicate   your experiences with them properly? But, the other part of my mind is saying that “Aravind! You should go. They are all the family members of IDIA. Why are you getting scared in front of your family members?”

I don’t know, I some how determined firmly to listen to the words of the latter. When all this thought process is happening. It was like; I got separated from the world. It was like the world around me has stopped for sometime.

As soon as I came back to the senses, I finally got up from the chair. At that time, I was sitting with the audience. I got up from the place and started moving towards the dais. I still remember when I got up from the audience, all the people who are looking at shamnad sir, suddenly moved their heads and started staring at me. I somehow managed all those pressures.  I finally reached the podium. Shamnad sir came and switched on the mike for me. As soon as I entered on to the dais, my mind went blank. It was like “I don’t know anything in that particular moment”.  I was thinking what to share. After few moments, I decided that “I am a law student. I should share about my life in law school with them. There after, I started speaking

I began my speech by saying about my life before meeting IDIA. I told them how I entered law school. Thereafter, I shared about the problems I use to face in the initial days of my law school. After that, I told them   how those problems are breathe their last breath with the passage of time.  How my friends, seniors, Mentors, professors played a crucial role in bringing the change in my life. In short, I wanted to say “Aravind before entering law school and Aravind after entering the law school.

I don’t know why, people who are sitting in the conference room. Almost everyone started giving me a round of applause for every sentence which I have spoken. They were laughing and cheering through out my speech. I can still remember, they even passed on comments such as “Aravind, you are the queen of Babylon”. Etc. Trust me. This is the first time which I am having such kind of experience in my life. It was a very good experience. This is not only the conference which IDIA will not forget because they are organizing it for the first time. But,   As an IDIA scholar I too will not forget about this through out my life because of all these.

When I finished speaking, people who are sitting for the conference, gave a big round of applause for me.  Thereafter, I thanked them and took my seat. Later on   Shamnad sir announced the next program. He said that we will be having a program in a highly reputed club.

Regarding the Club:

I went and got ready for the party. I wore another pair of formals and went for it.  IDIA arranged for the bus till the club. I saw the Delhi from the bus itself. I liked the city very much.

By the end of Dusk, we reached the club. Another significance for this conference in terms of my life is, this is the first time I am going to a club. Till now, I have been hearing about the term club in television, news papers, people around me etc. But, this was the first time I visited a club. It was nice. I really liked it.

After going to that club, I got surprised. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There, I was able to see various people who are in outstanding positions in the society. I have seen judges of various courts, partners of various reputed law firms, academicians such as   Registrar of NLUD, professors, Advocates, corporate lawyers etc.

As the students of Law, we often discuss about all those people at one point or other. But, when I saw all those people right in front of my eyes, it was unbelievable.

Regarding the Program:

The program has started at the specified time. Shamnad sir addressed every one. Thereafter, panelists followed after him. Everyone appreciated all those who are working and being a part of IDIA. Thereafter, the chief guests gave the awards to all the IDIA scholars. Even, I too received an award from the eminent judge from the Delhi high court.

After that, as an IDIA scholar I shared about my experiences with all of them. I told them How IDIA have brought change in my life. I even thanked everyone for being a part of IDIA and for extending their support for the purpose of IDIA. Even here, I kept on hearing people giving me a big round of applause when I was sharing my experiences with them.  I would like to thank all of them.

After my speech, few other IDIA scholars also shared their experiences with all of them.

After the meeting, Shamnad sir on behalf of IDIA thanked everyone for attending the conference and helping IDIA to achieve for its cause. Thereafter, we break for dinner.

Regarding the experience of meeting people:

At that time, I got to meet all the members who have attended the conference. Here, I should really thank Shamnad sir, Madhurima maam, Dipto Shree akka, Diwakar sir and all other IDIA directors for helping me to find people and making me meet all of them as per my wish.  They were so patient and helped me in meeting all those people. It is just because of them, I met all the prominent people. As I mentioned earlier that I am a visually challenged person and on top of it, that club is very huge. Due to these reasons, the people are scattered every where that time.

But, IDIA helped me here also. It is just because of them, I was able to take autographs, pictures with all those people. Even, all those people who attended the evening’s program are very nice. They were also very fascinated to know and interact with all IDIA scholars.


In short, this is the second conference which I have attended at the national level. This is the second time, I visited Delhi. But, the memorable moments I have got because of this conference is incredible and noteworthy.   I am very glad to say that all the people who I know will feel very happy especially my parents, friends, seniors, and professors, if they get to know about all these. They will all feel very happy about me.



Vote of Thanks:

I should really Thank all those renowned people who have taken some amount of time from their precious time and for respecting the invitation from IDIA and attending the conference. I should Thank all the volunteers on behalf of all IDIA scholars for helping to organize the conference successfully.  I also would like to Thank all IDIA directors for helping me in meeting all the people. Last but not the least; I would like to extend my heartfelt greetings to Shamnad sir for everything.

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