IDIA 5th Anniversary Celebrations 2015 - IDIA

IDIA 5th Anniversary Celebrations 2015

In October 2015, we celebrated 5 years of IDIA with a joint conference on “Gandhi and the IDIA of Law: Creating CHAMPS”, which was organised on 2nd October 2015 in collaboration with Chair on Professional Ethics, National Law University (NLU) Delhi. We were fortunate to have Justice Zak Yacoob (renowned jurist and former Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa) as the keynote speaker. The conference had five sessions on the core attributes of CHAMPS (Creative, Holistic, Altruistic, Maverick/Moral, and Problem Solvers) that we think each lawyer should possess and we hope to help our Scholars inculcate. It also had a session on Anti-Fragility. The conference was followed by a dinner and awards ceremony on 3rd October.