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The IDIA (Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education) project trains underprivileged students (including students with disabilities) and helps transform them to leading lawyers and community advocates. We have more than 50 students studying at the top law schools in India“Despite the challenges my family and I faced over the years, I became the first high school graduate from my village. I had become aware of the discrimination inflicted on me and my people and I viewed law as an empowering profession to not only enforce my rights but those of my community’s as well.”

Karthika Annamalia, IDIA Scholar

“Unfortunately if you are a girl belonging to a lower middle class, this power of dream and imagination itself becomes a dream. No, I am not saying that my parents stopped me from pursuing my dreams. The point here is that a middle class society has a set pattern for the girls to follow”

Namrata Dubey, IDIA Scholar


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