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IDIA Charitable Trust is currently seeking applications for the position of ‘Fundraising Director’. We are looking for a committed, passionate and dynamic director to be a part of our small, focused team for taking IDIA to new heights.

The Organisation

The IDIA Charitable Trust (Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education) is a pan India organisation that trains underprivileged students and helps transform them into leading lawyers and community leaders. IDIA’s activities include sensitising students at senior secondary schools throughout the country to the benefits of a career in law, identifying and training meritorious students from diverse backgrounds for law school entrance exams, providing scholarships and support for students once they reach the nation’s premier law schools, and promoting the development of community leadership from within underprivileged communities.

The Role of Fundraising Manager:

As IDIA’s Fundraising Director, you will be working closely with the senior management at IDIA and will be responsible for fundraising activities in the organisation. In order to ensure in-depth familiarity with the organisation, you may also be given charge of one state chapter’s functioning and/or other tasks as may be agreed upon with the senior management. The fundraising role includes:

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with existing donors
  • Researching prospective donors and tailoring fundraising messages that resonate with different types of donors including Corporates, Trusts, Crowdsourced campaigns, HNIs, legacy donors, government agencies, etc.
  • Setting up/following up on meetings with prospective donors.
  • Maintaining a donor database and working on methods of expanding it.
  • Researching, writing and presenting proposals
  • Facilitating the organisation of events, activities and projects of the organisation.
  • Monitoring, updating and reporting fund usage.
  • Contributing to team effort by accomplishing required results as needed within the deadline.
  • Taking on any other duties related to your role as directed by the senior management.

 Work Experience:

Candidates are required to have 5+ years experience in the non-profit/legal/business/finance sector. Candidates without this specific work experience/number of years and/or those having other work experience they think may be relevant are also invited to apply, along with an explanation of why such work experience may be relevant for this position.

Skills Required

Ideal applicants should demonstrate including excellent communication and interpersonal skills as the role will involve constant interactions with external stakeholders about IDIA. Applicants must have strong research and writing skills, and be detail oriented in their approach. The applicant must also have good administrative and organisational skills. The applicant should combine idealism with on-ground pragmatism; and must show initiative to go beyond the call of duty to get the job done. Creative and analytical thinking will be required to ensure that our fundraising attempts stand out and are successful.The applicant should show sincerity and dedication; and would be required to put in hard work for the organisation.

Salary:  Expected to be in the range of INR 7.5 lakhs p.a. and upwards, depending on prior experience and skills etc. Will, at the very least, be on par with similar positions in the non-profit sector

Location: Anywhere in India is acceptable, but it would be ideal if person could be located in Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi.

How to apply: If you think you are the person for this role, please apply at the earliest! In order to apply, please submit a cover letter along with your resume to with a copy to

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    Dear All, I have worked with research and advocacy policy non profit organisation in Bangalore and Chennai.

    Thanks !!!

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