Aman Upadhyay - IDIA

Aman hails from a small village in the Basti district of Uttar Pradesh. His family consists of 7 members. His father, the sole bread earner of the family, works as a peon in a school, and earns Rs. 2.75 lakhs annually. His mother supports the family as the homemaker. While things haven’t been easy for Aman and his family, it never wavered their spirit.

Aman did his schooling at RKVS Inter College, which is a Hindi medium school in Harraiya Basti. He has always been a bright student, showcasing his academic acumen by obtaining good grades in the 10th and 12th standards.

Aman’s path was paved with difficulties during his preparation for CLAT. He did not have proper internet connectivity as he lived in a rural area and had to go to cyber cafes for attempting mocks. As he studied in a vernacular medium school, Aman needed to work hard on his English. He read around 8-10 novels along with his daily reading of editorials in the leading newspapers. This not only improved his vocabulary extensively but has also made reading one of his favourite hobbies.

For Aman, law is a stepping-stone to a career in the civil services, which has been his dream since the 10th standard. His future goal is to become a civil servant for he passionately feels for the society and wants to do everything in his power for the masses.

Aman came across IDIA through YouTube while watching interviews of the toppers. He got constant support from the IDIA team, and his mentors were constantly there to guide, support, and motivate him every step of the way.

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