Amrutavarshiny SE - IDIA

Amrutavarshiny hails from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Her mother is a kindergarten teacher, and her father is a self-employed hardware engineer. Her parents moved to the city from the countryside of Thiruvarur to ensure a good education for her. They’ve been working hard to make that dream a reality. They have been a valuable support system to Amruta. Their efforts paid off when Amruta secured a whopping 92% in her 10th standard examination while studying at the Velammal Vidyalaya, Chennai.

Amruta has a keen interest in contemporary social issues. She discovered her interest to pursue law in the months of April and June 2020, when the whole nation was quarantined during the first wave of Covid-19.

Amruta told us – “I always knew I’d take a career where I could directly affect social change, but I wanted a career with a wide scope because I didn’t want to get pigeonholed doing the same thing for the rest of my life. I chose law because the law is more than mere rulings and amendments. Being a good lawyer to me means that no topic is irrelevant and everything in human society is of importance and needs to be learnt. I want to do everything, and I want to do it in a way that also lifts others. Law seemed like the natural option.”

Amruta had to put her dreams on hold when she found out about the high fees for pursuing law from the National Law Universities. However, she did not give up hope and kept searching for ways to fulfil her goal. After days of research, Amruta found out about IDIA on the internet and immediately contacted us. We are confident that with her courage and determination, Amruta will overcome the hurdles in her path to improve access to justice for those who need it the most. We are proud to be a part of her journey.

In addition to her passion for law and success in academic endeavours, she spends her time studying science and literature. She is fascinated by space and enjoys star-spotting and learning about orbital mechanics.

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