Christina Maria – Charles

Christina Charles is from a family of four, with her mother being the sole earner. Her father has been unemployed for the past few years due to a gangrene infection which resulted in the amputation of his leg.

Christina is currently studying in KLE Society’s Law College, Bangalore. She likes that her law course is not restrictive, and has introduced her to various other fields. As a student at KLE, Christina has participated in various management fests, model parliaments, moot courts, winning accolades in several of them. She really enjoys college and feels that every single day in college is truly different. As a member of the college Ad Hoc committee, she was also involved in organising fests, lectures and seminars.

A meritorious student, Christina was ranked 3rd in her class in her third semester of law. Christina is also a gifted musician, currently completing Trinity exams in piano and the guitar. She also tutors other students in music.

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