Dipin Tamang is currently in his 4th year of BA LLB (Hons.) at Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS). The first thing one would notice about Dipin is his confident personality and a problem-solving attitude towards everything.

Dipin hails from a small village in Nepal. His family decided to move to Delhi in the hopes of a better future; but to their disappointment, they were met with racial discrimination and economic hardships. Despite the hurdles that they had to face, Dipin managed to excel in academics as well as extracurricular activities such as music and basketball while in school. He found out about IDIA from an acquaintance of his father’s employer. His brilliance and aptitude for law ensured that he got into the IDIA Delhi Chapter as a trainee despite it being the middle of the term for law entrance exams in 2015. In spite of the limited time that was available to him for preparation, he managed to secure a good rank in the IP University College Entrance Test, while simultaneously excelling in his 12th board exams.

Dipin has performed exceptionally through every semester of law school and has been an active participant in other co-curricular and extracurricular activities like MUNs, music fests, debate competitions and skits. To gain a practical understanding of the law, Dipin has interned with practicing lawyers at the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court of India as well as a corporate law firm. Dipin has a keen interest in corporate law and the law of arbitration and is working towards building a career in the field of corporate law.

Dipin has always impressed everyone with his sharp intellect and his ability to articulate his thoughts in a very clear and concise manner. He has the makings of an excellent lawyer and we expect nothing less from him.

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