Govind Saini

Govind Saini hails from Ganga Nagar City, Rajasthan. His father is a shopkeeper and his mother is a homemaker. His family of four is supported by his father’s annual income of INR 48,000.

Govind is a very hardworking and sincere student. He graduated from Seventh Day Adventist, ICSE Board. When Govind went to Jindal Global Law School to enquire about scholarships, he was directed to IDIA and was put in touch with the IDIA Rajasthan Chapter.

Govind is an avid reader and loves to dance. He also enjoys playing the guitar.

He was trained by the IDIA Rajasthan Chapter. In the future, Govind aspires to pursue a career in the judiciary.

Govind secured admission at Institute of Law, Nirma University.

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