Md. Najrul Islam

Najrul is a student with total visual impairment from Siliguri, West Bengal. He has a determination that can move mountains, and he has been living alone in Delhi to find better opportunities. With a monthly family income of only Rs. 10,000 per month, Najrul never had the opportunity to learn about technology, assistive or otherwise. Once he became an admitted trainee with IDIA, he quickly learned braille, and cleared his 10th standard with a GPA of 7.8 from CBSE and 12th standard, with a swooping 80% mark.

Najrul has an incredibly sharp mind, and picks up new material in a matter of minutes. In addition to his sheer intellect, Najrul is a very self-inspired individual, who sets the bar high and works relentlessly to achieve them. He firmly believes — and has proven on several occasions — that if you work hard, nothing is impossible. In his free time, he enjoys listening to the radio, and playing chess. One day, Najrul aspires to become a civil servant, with law as the perfect stepping stone to sharpen his intellect and shape his sense of justice to one day serve the country. He performed exceptionally well in CLAT and gained admission at National Law University, Delhi!

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