Mukesh Seju

Mukesh hails from Surpura Khurd, Bhopalgarh, in Rajasthan. His father is a farmer, and his mother is a homemaker. Their family of five is supported solely by his father’s annual earnings of INR 65,000.

A hardworking and sincere student, Mukesh was determined to succeed even in the face of great adversity. Despite attending substandard coaching with no books or proper teaching facilities, Mukesh worked hard for CLAT 2017. IDIA recognized his drive to succeed and shifted him to an affiliate coaching centre (CrackClat), where Mukesh’s perseverance and dedication saw his performance rise dramatically.

With additional coaching from the IDIA Rajasthan Chapter, he performed exceptionally well in CLAT and secured a seat at the top law school in the country – NLSIU, Bangalore!

Mukesh wants to become a leading litigation lawyer. Apart from studies, Mukesh likes to read books and play cricket.

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