Nilabh Singh - IDIA

Nilabh hails from Muzaffarpur, Bihar. He is a dedicated and hardworking student. He scored a CGPA of 10 in the tenth standard and 72.4% in the twelfth standard. His mother was a schoolteacher but lost her job during the pandemic. His father is a farmer.

Nilabh became interested in pursuing law after he went to a civil court on a matter pertaining to a property dispute. He realised the importance of legal education and awareness about the laws. He decided to pursue a career in law, but his family income was not enough to afford his legal education. He searched for scholarships and incidentally got to know about IDIA through an IDIA Trainee who told him about IDIA, legal education and law entrance examinations. Ever since he contacted the IDIA Bihar Chapter, we have been supporting his CLAT preparation through mocks, training materials, classes and sponsoring his other associated expenses.

His journey of CLAT preparation was full of difficulties. On one hand, his family was facing financial issues in the lockdown. On the other hand, he was working hard to improve his mock test scores. His mother’s support and struggle helped him persevere during the preparation.

Nilabh has a deep understanding about social prejudices and that has inspired him to empower himself through law while serving the society. He aspires to become a litigator. Nilabh is also interested in playing badminton and cooking. He credits his success to his mother and the IDIA Bihar Chapter.

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