P. Ramkumar

Ramkumar hails from a predominantly agricultural village named Kothamangalam in the Vellore District of Tamil Nadu. The income his parents earn is barely sufficient to support his family. Most of the people in his hometown are illiterate; in fact, Ram is the first person from his village to be pursuing a college degree. Ramkumar is also visually impaired. However, none of these circumstances have ever deterred Ram in his quest to become a lawyer – and IDIA has helped him
in every way possible.

Though his education up till the higher secondary level was in various Tamil medium institutions, this did not stop Ram from cracking CLAT and gaining admission to the National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS), Kochi. After joining NUALS, Ramkumar received immense support from the IDIA family, and this association has not only benefited him academically but has also opened a multitude of doors for him in the form of internship opportunities and seminar invitations. He has also been working on his English with the help of coaching by IDIA and is making wonderful progress.

After being academically mentored, Ram’s academic performance improves by leaps and bounds, and he obtained an impressive GPA of 8.4 in the 5th semester. At NUALS, he was interested in the fields of constitutional law and criminal law and planned to pursue his Master’s in Law after completing his undergraduate degree.

His self- motivation and thirst for knowledge had him attending academic seminars on a plethora of legal issues. Making the most of his opportunities, Ram interned at the prestigious Centre for Child and Law at NLSIU, Bangalore, and the Center for Disability Studies at NALSAR, Hyderabad. The progress Ram has made in association with IDIA is phenomenal and he seems to be set in his course of achieving his dreams. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Law at the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, School of Excellence, Chennai. We have very high hopes from this lad!

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