Ragvendra Singh Khichi

Ragvendra’s father is a taxi driver and his entire family lives on about INR 60,000 per year. At 17, Ragvendra, a resident of Jodhpur, took on the staggering responsibility of running the household while his father was bedridden. His strength and initiative became apparent during this time, when he earned money by conducting tuition classes, alongside continuing his own schooling.

In Ragvendra’s own words, “trouble, struggle, sacrifices, disappointment, and rejection have become a part of my everyday life; however, I have learnt to deal with them. My journey hasn’t been easy and I am aware it won’t get easier, but giving up is not something I do. There were many who doubted me and my capabilities, I’m least bothered about them. All I want to say is celebrate the life you have and trust yourself to reach places.”

Ragvendra has been passionate about studying law since he was in Class XI. He performed exceedingly well in CLAT and secured admission at Gujarat National Law University.

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