Sajal Jain

Sajal Jain hails from the Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh. Born with cerebral palsy, he has proven to be one of the most hardworking and dedicated trainees from the IDIA Chattisgarh chapter.

After an uneventful childhood, Sajal’s life took a complete turn when his father went missing. His paternal family denied Sajal, his mother, and his sister, all legitimate rights to their family property. Sajal persevered to make things better and in a bid to secure a good education, he enrolled at National Law University, Odisha (NLUO). However, due to a weak financial situation, coupled with poor health, he was forced to drop out of NLUO. Undeterred by this unfortunate turn of events, Sajal sought legal recourse and is using his minimal legal training to fight for his rights in the family property before the High Court of Chhattisgarh.

He now lives in Raipur along with his mother and older sister. His mother earns a nominal income of Rs.12000 per month by providing tuition classes to school children and by renting out part of their house. Unfazed by life’s challenges, Sajal demonstrates a firm determination to continue with his legal studies, and hopes to make a career as a litigating lawyer. He approached IDIA Chattisgargh for help to continue pursuing his legal education. Given his foray into the High Court, Sajal has already gained significant headway in advocacy. He has even approached the Supreme Court to mandate National Law Universities to implement the 5% quota for Specially Abled Persons. Sajal has secured a seat at the Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar, and is currently studying there.

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