Sejal Chhablani - IDIA

Sejal is a 19-year-old law aspirant from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Her family consists of five members. She completed her schooling from Gyan Sagar Girls Academy, Ujjain.

In 2020, she couldn’t join a law college for an undergraduate degree due to financial issues. It was then that she was introduced to IDIA through a school senior. She joined IDIA as a trainee for the year 2020-2021 after passing the aptitude test, interview and background check.

Sejal worked consistently for cracking the law entrance examinations. She used to wake up every day at 3 am to study. Alongside, she maintained a healthy routine of exercises so that she was mentally and physically prepared to face the entrance examinations. She made it a point to take one day at a time and revise the daily class notes and mock sessions. The IDIA Madhya Pradesh Chapter trained and mentored Sejal rigorously throughout the year. Additionally, she was enrolled at a coaching centre through IDIA.

Sejal is an avid speaker. She has participated in debates, elocution and MUNs. She likes to analyse issues from different perspectives and understand the logic and reasoning behind a standpoint. She believes that she possesses good oratory skills and that she can build an argument taking into account the various perspectives of an issue. She wishes to pursue law to tap into her skills for the betterment of people around her. She is always open to opportunities as and when they come and while it is too early to know for sure, currently, she aspires to test her skills in corporate law.

Sejal is also a keen and eclectic reader, with a particular interest in psychology. She adores listening to and learning instrumental music. Given the chance, she looks forward to spending time in the lap of nature and in the woods.

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