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Kumar Panda

Hyderabadi at heart, Kumar Panda had to move to Mumbai after he secured admission to Government Law College (GLC), Mumbai. His schooling took place in Hyderabad, where he heard about IDIA and found out about law as a career option, after which he was determined to get into a law school.

As a student at GLC, Kumar showed interest and participated in various law school activities including moots and committees. He also did quite a few internships with various law firms.

Kumar managed the backend of the IDIA website for a long time and also helped out the IDIA Mumbai chapter as much as he can. He continues to assist IDIA in many ways whenever he gets the time. He was our resident techie, known among his friends and colleagues to have a keen interest in anything tech. Currently, he is working as an Associate in Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan in the Corporate Advisory team.

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