If a picture is worth a 1000 words, a video is worth much more! Watch IDIA in action in these vibrant videos.  Capturing the powerful passion of our student volunteers. And the stories of two scholars who really struggled to beat all odds!

IDIA State Chapters

Andhra chapter

Andhra Pradesh
Chandralekha (Team Leader)
Prathipati Navya (Information Officer), Kodali Venu Madhav (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation))
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assam chapter

Himangshu Sonowal (Team Leader)
Rinkie Bora (Information Officer), Parvez Rahman (Deputy Team Leader (Mentorship)), Rajat Kumar Garg (Deputy Team Leader (Teaching and Training)),
Shrey Goyal (Deputy Team Leader (Teaching and Training)),
Vridhi Kashyap (Deputy Team Leader (Fundraising)), Abshishree Kashyap (Deputy Team Leader (Fundraising)), Dikhita Borah (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation)), Ritre Oo Lyngdoh (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation))
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punjab chapter

Mukesh Kumar (Team Leader)
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chandigarh chapter

Aditi Rana (Team Leader)
Nandini (Information Officer),
Achinataya Soni (Deputy Team Leader)
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Shetty Neha Santosh(Team Leader)
Shruti Sahu (Co-Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation)), Khushi Sharma (Deputy Team Leader (Training)), Viraj Aditya (Deputy Team Leader (Furndraising)), Lithin Thomas (Co-Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation)), Arpit Gamit (Information Officer)
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Sakshi Tikmany and Aayushi Goyal (Co-Team Leaders)
Drishti Kaushik
Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation),
Shruti Shrivastava and Ashima Sharma (Deputy Team Leader (Fundraising)), Vedangini Bisht (Deputy Team Leader (Training)), Tanishka Goswami (Deputy Team Leader (Mentorship)), Md Aarif Shah (Deputy Team Leader (Scholar Development)),Yoshita Shrivastave (
Information Officer)
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Group photo with some people sitting in the front and some people standing in the back

Gujarat (GNLU)
Eshwar Rao Javvadhi (Team Leader)
Ragvendra Singh Khichi (Information Officer and Deputy Team Leader (Mentorship)), Divya Sikhar (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation))
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Arya Deshmukh (Team Leader)
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Himachal Pradesh
Jagrit Verma (Team Leader)
Deb Zyoti Das (
Information Officer)
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Harshita Gupta and Chittkrishna Thakkar (Team Leaders)
Bhavya Johari (Deputy Team Leader (Training and Materials)), Rishabh Warrier (Deputy Team Leader (Training)), Afrah Asif (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation)), Shravani Shendye (Deputy Team Leader (Fundraising)), Yash Dodani (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation)), Sayan Bhattacharya (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation and Scholar Development)), Yash Dodani (Information Officer)
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Afsar Raza (Team Leader)
Milind Anand (Information Officer), Piyush Singh (Deputy Team Leader (Teaching)), Shashank Saurabh (Deputy Team Leader (Teaching)), Shashank Saurabh (Deputy Team Leader (Mentorship)), Bhaskar Pandey (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation))
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Mugdha Mohapatra and Sushant Khalkho (Team Leaders)
Ananya Ghosh and Devansh Kaushik (Deputy Team Leaders (Fundraising)),
Anushya.R and Nikhil Purohit (Deputy Team Leaders (Sensitisation)),
Shailja Rawal (Deputy Team Leaders (Training and Material)), Kasvi Thakkar (Information Officer)
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Aarya Warriar (Team Leader)
Sarath KP (Deputy Team Leader (Legal Aid)), Abhishek R and Ashna D (Deputy Team Leaders (Sensitisation)), Neethu Krishna Kumar (Deputy Team Leader (Fundraising))
Dharshini Sugumaran (Deputy Team Leaders (Mentorship)), Sneha M Nair (Information Officer)
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Madhya Pradesh
Harshdeep Singh Bedi and  Ankesh Kumar (Team Leaders)
Ankesh Kumar (Co-Team Leader), Rashi Sharma (Deputy Team Leader (Mentorship)), Abhilash Roy   (Deputy Team Leader (Social Media)), Deepak Yadav (Information Officer)
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Mumbai (GLC)
Tarak Shah (Team Leader)
Ishika Soni (Deputy Team Leader (Training and teaching)), Shashwat Sharma (Deputy Team Leaders (Sensitisation)), Soni Satti (Deputy Team Leader (Fundraising))
Saransh Awasthi (Deputy Team Leader (Mentorship)), Prishny Aggarwal (Information Officer)
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Mumbai (MNLU)
Natasha Maheshwari (Team Leader)
Snehal Dhote (Deputy Team Leader (Mentorship)), Shardul Gopujkar (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation)), Aditya Tannu (Information Officer), Shebani Bhargava (Deputy Team Leader (Teaching and Training)), Parina Muchhala (Deputy Team Leader (Fundraising))
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Mumbai (NMIMS)
Aditya Rathod (Team Leader)
Clarissa D’Lima (Information Officer), Sanika Surve (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation))
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Ravi Sharma (Team Leader)
Md Shahid Khan (Information officer), Shagun Gupta (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation)), Aman Bahl (Deputy Team Leader (Fundraising)),
Advaya Hari Singh (Deputy Team Leader (Teaching)),
Hricha Gandhi (Deputy Team Leader (Mentorship))
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Gujarat (Nirma)
Surpiya Julka (Team Leader)
Ashok Kumar (Deputy Team Leader (Mentorship)), Akshat Mehta (
Deputy Team Leader (Training)), Aadesh Shinde and Gunjan Aggarwal (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation)), Prachi Tandon (Information Officer)
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Sushmit Mandal (Team Leader)
Swaha Swayamsiddha (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation), Arth Singhal (Deputy Team Leader (Mentorship)), Prajjawal Shrivastav (Deputy Team Leader (Legal Aid)), Ananya Satish (Deputy Team Leader (Fundraising)), Ayush Sharma (Deputy Team Leader (Training and Material)), Nimisha (Information Officer)
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Aakanksha Ranjan and Apoorva Shukla (Team Leaders)
Poorvi Sharma (
Deputy Team Leader (Fundraising)), Vishakha Sanjay Patil (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation)), Poorvi Kaurav (Deputy Team Leader (Training)),
Ankita Upadhyay (Deputy Team Leader (Legal Services)),
Debargha Mukherjee (Information Officer)
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Tanya Mayal (Team Leader)
Arnav Tandon (
Deputy Team Leader (Social Media and Outreach)), Anjali Gupta (Deputy Team Leader (Teaching)), Nyamat Sekhon (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation))
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Srishti Rai Chhabra and Swapnil Katiyar (Team Leaders)
Prachi Agrawal (Information Officer), Stuti Bhargava, Harsha Menon and Himanshu Ranjan (Deputy Team Leaders (Training)), Praveena NS (Deputy Team Leader (Fundraising)), Meha Tandon (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation)), Naman Jain and Abhinav Gupta (Deputy Team Leader (Mentorship))
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Neha Gupta (Team Leader)
Subeksha Pradhan (Information Officer), Adarsh Gurung(
Deputy Team Leader (Fundraising)), Lhamu Bhutia (
Deputy Team Leader (Teaching and training)), Sonam Nichen Bhutia (Deputy Team Leader (Sensitisation))
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Tamil Nadu
Sonu Mehtha and Suman Bhalaji RV (Team Leaders)
Amrit (Information Officer), Shruthi Murali and
Hari Krishna (Deputy Team Leaders (Training and Material)), Suman Balaji and
Aswin Rome (Deputy Team Leaders (Sensitisation))
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Uttar Pradesh
Srijan Somal(Team Leader)
Ayushi Singh and
Aishwarya Srivastava (Deputy Team Leader (Training)),
Nilay Mani and Adhipatya Singh (Deputy Team Leaders (Sensitisation)),
Akanksha and Srishti Bhargav (Deputy Team Leader (Fundraising)), Aakash Raj Chauhan (Deputy Team Leader (Legal Services)),
Pranshi Katyal (Information Officer)
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West Bengal
Divyanshu Singh (Team Leader)
Khushi Joshi (Information Officer), Kazi Ashique Azfar, Shubhanghi and Soumya Gupta( Deputy Team Leaders (Mentorship)), Neeraj KP (Deputy Team Leader (Fundraising)), Istela Jameel and Anshum Agarwal (Deputy Team Leaders (Teaching)), Samarth Sansar and Subhajit (Deputy Team Leaders (Sensitisation))
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Board of advisors

Several eminent personalities have volunteered to give us strategic advice from time to time.  Some of our advisors are listed below:

Prof. Dr. R. Venkata RaoChairperson, Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies
Prof. Dr. Ranbir Singh, Founding and Former Vice-Chancellor, NLU Delhi
Prof. Dr. Purvi PokhariyalDirector & Dean, Institute of Law, Nirma University
Jyoti SagarChairman and Founder, J. Sagar Associates
Zia ModyFounder and Managing Partner, AZB & Partners
Somasekhar SundaresanChambers of Somasekhar Sundaresan
Gopal SankaranarayananSenior Advocate, Supreme Court of India
Nandini KhaitanPartner, Khaitan & Co.

Join us!

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team and to intern with us!

Email us your CV at info@idialaw.org