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Tuhina Praveen 

Tuhina is an extremely bright student, who secured admission at South Calcutta Law College, Calcutta University. Her father, who was an advocate, passed away when she and her siblings (a younger brother and a sister) were quite young. Since then, her mother, who is a housewife, has single-handedly brought them up. Tuhina’s life has not been an easy one. Being the eldest, she has always felt the weight of family’s aspirations on her shoulder. Her family wanted her to pursue science.

However, being extremely independent minded, she decided to pursue law, following in the footsteps of her father. With some guidance from her teachers at school, Tuhina has been able to pursue her dreams. Dedicated and focused, Tuhina had a reputation for always being interactive and enthusiastic in class. She loves to read and enjoys detective novels the most. She has tremendous potential and even in the face of great adversity, her confidence and optimism stand out. She graduated in 2018. She is presently working with the Great Champ Technology as a subject matter expert on academic writing (law).

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