Rachna Kumari

National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi

Rachna is a persevering and diligent individual. A confident student, possessed with the essential skill of thinking on her feet, she has previously performed exceptionally well in academics and extracurricular activities.
Rachna secured a stellar 9.6 CGPA in her tenth standard examinations, and subsequently achieved 71.6% in the twelfth standard examinations. While pursuing her school education, Rachna was active in sports such as Kabbadi and won a gold medal while playing at the regional level.

Rachna’s father works as a medical assistant and physiotherapist and her mother is a housewife. Rachna aims to be financially independent and support her family as soon as possible. To pursue her passion of being a valuable contributor to societal change, Rachna decided to pursue law and started preparing for various law entrance examinations soon after her twelfth standard examinations.

Rachna joined as a trainee with the IDIA Delhi Chapter in 2019, and displayed consistency in her preparation. Enthused to secure a spot in a good law university, she prepared diligently throughout the year. One of the best things about Rachna is her ability to take feedback constructively and translate it into improvement. Her sincerity towards any and every commitment she endures has made all of us at IDIA confident of her performance.

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