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Shekhar Pathak

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

Shekhar was born and brought up in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. His father sells and repairs weighing machines while his mother is a homemaker.

Shekhar learnt about the diverse opportunities available after graduation to law students through his cousin who graduated from a National Law University.

Shekhar also learnt about the importance of law because of an unfortunate incident. His father and friend were beaten up badly by some goons. They were not able to get justice despite filing an FIR and making several police complaints.

Shekhar had become fascinated by law as a career option when he had spoken to his cousin. After this incident, he became even more determined to pursue law as he understood that he can use the law as a tool to fight for the rights of people who do not get access to justice due to a lack of resources.

Justice D.Y. Chandrachud, our current Chief Justice of India, is his inspiration and he aspires to be like him.

Shekhar is a determined young man and he started preparing for CLAT on his own. He started searching for scholarships when he realised that the coaching and the law school fees are exorbitant and beyond the financial resources available to his family. He found out about IDIA during his search and was selected as an IDIA Trainee.

IDIA has helped him financially, academically, and mentally every step of the way while he worked hard to prepare for CLAT. He was determined to overcome the inevitable language barriers arising from a lack of quality English training in his Hindi medium school and worked hard for cracking the law entrance examinations.

Shekhar loves to dance and make videos during his free time. He believes in living his life to the fullest and without regrets.

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