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Our scholars have joined leading law schools with the hope to make a difference. 

I believe that my association with IDIA has helped me come a step closer to my goal of being a successful lawyer and contributing to society.

While my four years at law school had its ups and downs it is nowhere close to the terror it might have been had I no financial support to cover my bare necessities and college tuition or a sense of belonging provided to me by the IDIA family. I always have someone to run to for cover, advice and financial aid in times of need.

Never question if your voice matters. It can help build a movement.

IDIA has given me great exposure to the practical world. IDIA provides to each scholar a Professional Mentor, Academic Mentor and Social Mentor for all round development of the scholar. It organizes various smart classes, helps scholars to find internships, organizes various seminars, conferences and lectures for the scholars to motivate them.

I am motivated to provide socially and economically deprived people with legal aid, and to advance their knowledge about human rights, and the remedies available upon their violation. IDIA has enabled me to fly and reach my full potential.

I am visually impaired by birth. Whenever I got less marks in the mock tests, the team leader would call me to motivate me. Using their own experiences, they told me many tips for solving questions and maintaining a calm composure while writing a paper.

The team has gone to great lengths to ensure that I was able to take my legal entrance exams smoothly. During examinations, I, along with other visually impaired trainees, were provided with scribes. For people like me, people with patience are necessary, and IDIA got me a brilliant scribe.

With the help of IDIA, I secured my admission at Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar. I am blessed with the best opportunity, where IDIA is helping me to smoothen the road and deal with all the obstacles ahead.

IDIA helped us during the pandemic by providing us with basic necessities like recharges and even mock papers. IDIA was the reason I didn't even flinch from my studies.

My experience as an IDIA trainee was very good. My trainers were kind, humble and always ready to help. After the pandemic began, we had quizzes and online classes regularly so that we don’t lose track.

For two years, I used to travel 30 kilometers from my home to Patna, and do the training while attending my school. I am thankful to the IDIA team, which continuously supported me, especially in the pandemic when I got disconnected from everything.

Join us in creating change

Apart from the good friends I have made with IDIA, it made me think on a lot of levels - spiritual, political, social like never before. I came to realize that I have been ignorant about a lot of things in my life and about the opportunities the legal profession opened for me.

NUALS offered the seventh and eighth-ranked candidates’ admission. It was a miracle. A person ranked with 24745 got admission in one of the top National Law Universities. IDIA paid the entire fee. That’s how I started with NUALS.

I would like to thank all my mentors and well-wishers who have put in selfless effort for me. I would especially like to thank Shinto and Dharshini for their constant support and guidance. To be frank, I would not be even close to where I am today without IDIA’s assistance. Thank you, IDIA family!