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Priscilla Lalnunpuii

Priscilla hails from ChhingaVeng, Aizawl in Mizoram. When Priscilla joined us a trainee, her father ran a small business, bringing home a monthly income of INR 12,000 for a family of four, including Priscilla, her mother and a younger brother. From her childhood, Priscilla has always been a bright and sincere student. Despite paucity of financial resources, she performed consistently well up to Class XII. A sensitization session conducted by IDIA at her school introduced Priscilla to the exciting possibilities of a legal education and since then, she has never lost sight of her goal, having subsequently scored the 5th position in the Mizoram IDIA Aptitude Test. Her talent, resolve, and perseverance helped Priscilla overcome all obstacles in her path to successfully crack CLAT 2012 and secure a seat for herself at National Law University, Odisha (NLUO).

Even in law school, Priscilla had a diverse range of interests ranging from reading to hairstyling and fashion. Her academic interests include history, political science, criminal psychology and criminal law. Currently, she is considering her options between higher education and civil service examinations. Priscilla, with her empathetic nature, has over the years mentored many students from the north-east at NLUO and helped them adjust. The NLU experience helped Priscilla overcome her initial shyness to become a hardworking and strong, yet sensitive person. She graduated in the year 2017.

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