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Hritik Samanta

Hritik hails from Kolkata. His father had a small manufacturing business. Life took a turn for Hritik when he was in Class 7. Within a year, his father lost his business and suffered from a brain stroke that left him paralysed from his left side. Hritik’s sister was forced to halt her college education and find a job to earn for the family.

Hritik’s childhood instilled in him the importance of hard work, determination, and education, and their integral role in achieving financial stability. He realised that only by educating himself could he help change the circumstances of his family for the better. He came to know about IDIA through an alumnus of his school who had visited the school to conduct a sensitisation session. His interest in law was first sparked by the IDIA sensitisation where students were tasked with debating the legalisation of euthanasia. He realised law was not simply about maintaining peace and order, but about thoroughly considering diverse perspectives and attempting to make a fair judgement.

Hritik never gave up on his dream, and his hard work bore fruit when he secured admission at South Calcutta Law College, Kolkata. He was trained by the West Bengal Chapter of IDIA and IDIA’s affiliate partner, IMS. He has interned with Anandi – Area Networking and Development Initiatives, Ahmedabad.

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