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Anjali Swami

Univ. School of Law & Legal Studies, GGSIPU, Delhi

Anjali lives in Shahbad, Mohamadpur, Delhi. Her mother is a housewife, and her father is a security guard in a school. There are four members in her family including her brother. 

Hardworking and diligent, Anjali has received scholarships in the past due to her good academic performance in school.  She passed her Class 12th Board exams securing an aggregate of 88.8%. When she joined us as a trainee, her family’s monthly income was just Rs. 11,000 which included Rs. 7,000 per month that her father received from his job and Rs. 4,000 per month that her family received as rental income. 

Anjali was incredibly keen and determined to pursue law after her schooling, as she harbours a desire to be a judge. This goal is what has driven her through her training with the IDIA Delhi Chapter for various law entrance examinations. As a trainee, she has been extremely disciplined and focused, having attended her classes regularly and having taken assignments seriously. 

She interned at Gurugram Court in 2019. She has also done an online internship with an advocate in July 2020. She is also active in her college life and has participated in a National Youth Parliament and a college level moot.

The persistence and dedication that she has shown gives us confidence that she will continue to work hard and do well even in the future. In her free time, Anjali likes reading books and short stories.

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