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Arjun Ghosh

Arjun Ghosh hails from a small village called Roshidpur in West Bengal. His father is a rikshaw-van puller and his mother is a housewife. Arjun faced hardships at every stage of his life. As such, they struggled to make their ends meet. Arjun was born in 1999 and everything was smooth in his life. However, when Arjun was 6, he was unable to see with his right eye. His father took him to some doctors for diagnosis and they suggested that he undergo a surgery as soon as possible.

However, while earlier he had a little bit of vision in his eyes, post the surgery, he lost total vision in both eyes forever, due to callousness of the doctor. Arjun took a while to get out of this trauma and back to his normal life.

Arjun finished his schooling from the Ramakrishna Mission Blind Boys Academy, Kolkata. He became an IDIA Trainee while studying here. On cracking CLAT, Arjun secured a seat in the prestigious WBNUJS. Arjun aspires to be a successful and a good lawyer in the future. Given his own experience, he realized the importance of law and its potential to redress injustice and hold people accountable. This inspired Arjun to study law and become a lawyer to fight for justice for people who cannot afford to do so themselves. In his free time, he loves reading all types of classical Bengali novels. Arjun is also an avid flute player and has a deep interest in performing arts.

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