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Anubhab Dey

South Calcutta Law College, University of Calcutta, Kolkata

Anubhab hails from a small village named Purusottampur in the Hooghly district of West Bengal. He completed his schooling at the Gopal Nagar Kumud Ranjan Dey High School in Singur, West Bengal. Anubhab is a dedicated and hardworking student who seeks to achieve his goals despite a lot of hardships he has faced such as financial difficulties, lack of proper training in English, and limited educational resources in his village.

His family includes his father, his mother, and his elder brother. His uncle and aunt also live in the same house. Both his father and his uncle work on their farm and grow two crops in a year: paddy and banana. The family of six is supported solely by the income received from the farm which was just around Rs. 84,000 – 96,000 annually when Anubhab joined IDIA as a Trainee.

Anubhab was trained by the IDIA West Bengal Chapter and secured admission at the South Calcutta Law College, Kolkata. While he was initially disappointed about not gaining admission into a National Law University, he understands that he can make a difference regardless of where he studies and is now determined to take all the necessary steps to fulfil his dreams.

Anubhab loves to read in English and Bengali in his free time. He is also interested in cooking, playing football, and practising yoga. He takes a deep interest in the issues prevailing in the world and likes to learn about important historical events.

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