Jai Singh

Jai Singh is a focused and conscientious student from Bihar. His dream has always been to be a change maker for his community and society. During his search for a career choice that would suit his passion, he came across law. However, he wasn’t sure if it was the right choice as his community considered law as a career option for “dull and weak students”.

To add to his woes, he found out that the cost of a law school education far exceeded his family’s only source of income (Rs. 1,50,000 annually at the time Jai joined us as a Scholar) from a small grocery store (Kirana Dukhan) in his hometown. He never gave up and searched for scholarship opportunities to pursue his dream career. His search ultimately narrowed down on IDIA.

After verifying his credentials and understanding his passion for law, the IDIA Bihar Chapter took him under its wings. He was offered online training classes, mock tests, mentoring, and doubt clearance sessions. Often the classes went on till late night.

Jai’s consistent hard work and perseverance gave him an outstanding result in CLAT 2020. He stood out as the 3rd best candidate in CLAT 2020 and secured a seat at NLSIU, Bangalore. He is excited to pursue his passion and is committed to give back to society through his legal education.

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