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Adarsh Dubey

Institute of Law, Nirma University

Adarsh Dubey hails from Paraspatti village of Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and has endured to forge his own path from a young age. He lost two of his grandparents within a year of each other. After that, his family shifted to his father’s ancestral home in their village permanently. His father is a farmer with an annual income of Rs. 50,000 at the time Adarsh joined as an IDIA Trainee.

The people in his village deemed education as unnecessary, but he didn’t conform to their views and continued his education unfazed. He joined a convent school and did his schooling from there till 10th grade and passed with flying colours with a CGPA of 9.

Leaving behind his village, he moved to Kendriya Vidyalaya Faizabad for his 11th and 12th standards studies and scored 79.9% in the humanities stream in the 12th standard board examinations. His mother kept him motivated and clear-minded through all the troubles and encouraged him to study law. He is an inspiration to his younger brother. He got to know about IDIA from one of his online friends in SLS Noida.

He frequently researches diverse topics including psychology, astronomy, technology, and English literature to broaden his views and gain a better perspective of this world. He is especially concerned by the pressing problems of increasing levels of pollution and the lack of a good health care system for all.

He dreams of being a judge who can stand for justice and ensure that the difficulties he had faced are not faced by others in future. Remoteness of his residence has served as a constant impediment for his education especially during these times of COVID-19. Adarsh wishes to help in establishing a free flow of information, skills, and knowledge through the internet to each individual so that everyone gets an opportunity to learn without the need for considerable financial and other resources.

Adarsh has demonstrated tremendous strength of will and motivation. He has made the best of the resources and aid provided to him at IDIA and proved true to our expectations.

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