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Binayak Dutta

Department of Law (Hazra Campus), Calcutta University

Binayak hails from Bankura, West Bengal. His father works as an electrician and his mother is an assistant teacher at a primary school. He completed his schooling at Bankura Banga Vidyalaya, a government school.

He decided to pursue law when he was studying in the 8th standard. He was inspired primarily by a local teacher in his town who is a law graduate. Although his teacher was not a practising advocate, he was actively involved in social work and tried to make a positive impact on society. Binayak wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Binayak came across IDIA when he was in the 10th standard through a relative who put him in touch with Arnab Roy, Director at IDIA. Arnab explained IDIA’s work, and the support provided by us and it piqued Binayak’s interest as he saw an opportunity to fulfil his dream. Binayak was selected as an IDIA Trainee after he cleared the IDIA National Aptitude Test (INAT) and interviews. 

IDIA trained him and provided him with an opportunity to study law. Binayak is thankful for IDIA’s support. Before his association with IDIA, his parents were averse to his desire of pursuing a career in law and wanted him to follow the more commonly known paths of medicine or engineering. However, after being sensitised by IDIA, Binayak’s parents’ outlook changed and now they extend their full support to Binayak.

Binayak studied hard and got admission to the Department of Law, Calcutta University, Hazrah Campus. We are very glad that his childhood dream has become a reality. Binayak is also an avid writer and is often found writing short Bengali prose and poems.

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