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Ratan Ram

West Bengal Nat’l Univ. of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

Ratan is the son of a farmer who earns Rs. 90,000 annually. Both his parents have not attended college. He belongs to the Scheduled Caste category and has three siblings (one brother and two sisters). He is a very bright student who has scored 88% and 71% in the 10th and 12th standards, respectively, in spite of many hurdles. He loves to play cricket and is also interested in solving mathematical problems.

Ratan wants to be a lawyer because being a villager, he knows the problems faced by the people of the village, especially related to land rights and caste discrimination. Due to the lack of legal knowledge and unawareness of rights, the life of a common man in a village is subject to abuse by many powerful people. Entry to temples in his village is restricted for the people of his caste. He, himself, has faced many difficulties in his village because of the discrimination and rampant abuse. Therefore, he wishes to spread awareness among his community about the power of law. He aims to tackle these problems, one at a time.

Ratan has taken up law so that he is in a position to lead sensitization and make people aware of their rights and duties. He has been associated with IDIA for the last two years. He has secured a category rank of 69 and has been offered a seat at NLIU, Bhopal.

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