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Akash Kumar Sahu

National Law Institute University, Bhopal

Akash is from a small village called Dhendhar in the Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. His parents are farmers, and his mother is also a homemaker.

Akash has overcome many hurdles since he was young. He is disillusioned by the focus on rote learning in our education system. He needed a scholarship to complete his school education due to many financial issues faced by his family.

From a young age, Akash observed the exploitation and the difficulties faced by people from underprivileged sections of our society. He understood the gap in accessing resources and opportunities between the privileged and the marginalised. He was deeply affected by this and wanted to make a difference.

Understanding his motivation, his mother suggested he explore a career in law. He started researching about rights of citizens in India which solidified his desire to pursue law due to his experiences from a young age. When he decided to pursue law, he was unable to afford any coaching or good resources to prepare for CLAT.

Akash managed to study from the free resources that are available online and got a seat at an NLU. However, he could not join the college as he could not find a scholarship and could not afford the fees without the same. His admission was cancelled. He and his family were dismayed but IDIA gave them a new ray of hope.

Akash came to know about IDIA while searching online for scholarships for law aspirants. He contacted us and cracked the IDIA National Aptitude Test. He was selected as an IDIA Trainee. Akash believes IDIA’s support has enabled him to reach his fullest potential. IDIA provided him with the support needed for him to kick-start his career in law.

Akash has always been a meritorious student. He aspires to become the Chief Justice of India so that he can help people from underprivileged backgrounds. Due to his experiences, he believes that he can understand and address their issues. In addition to his passion for law, Akash also meditates every day.

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