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Hridya S. Kumar

National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi

In the picturesque district of Kannur, Kerala, resides an extraordinary young girl whose unwavering determination and passion for public speaking have set her on a path towards greatness. Meet Hridya, a shining example of resilience and brilliance amidst life’s challenges.

Born into a middle-class family, Hridya’s academic brilliance shone with A+ grades in 10th standard and an impressive 93.5% in the Science stream during her 12th standard.

However, challenges struck when financial support for her studies from her father’s side vanished due to family issues. Her mother, a homemaker, became the sole provider, relying on her grandfather’s pension from his service in the Indian Armed Forces.

Determined to pursue higher education in law at a National Law University (NLU), Hridya’s dreams were realized with the support of the Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access (IDIA) initiative.

Her talent in public speaking earned her a place among the “Super 2000” contestants in Super Speaker Season 3, India’s first-ever reality show to find the best speaker. Hridya’s eloquence inspired countless viewers.

Her passion for law led her to publish a research article and a case comment on The Amikus Qriae, an online legal website, showcasing her commitment to justice.

Now, armed with resilience and ambition, Hridya is set to embark on her NLU journey, determined to make a positive impact on society and guide the needy on the right path.

In Kannur, a star is rising – Hridya, the beacon of hope, reminding us all to chase our dreams despite life’s challenges.

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