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Ittaboina Rakesh

National Law University, Odisha

Rakesh does not know any lawyer in his family and friends’ circles, but he chose to study law when he was deeply impacted by the story of another student. When Rakesh was studying in the 6th standard, he heard about another disabled child who worked hard and got into a good law school. Unfortunately, the child’s family didn’t let him join the college.

Rakesh thought about the support that his family gives him and decided to pursue law to help other people with disabilities. He chose his academic stream and subjects in school with this goal in mind. However, his parents are farmers, and his siblings are still studying. His family face many financial difficulties which led to many issues during Rakesh’s CLAT preparation.

A continuous issue that he faced was getting used to a scribe’s accent, pace, etc. every time he needed a new scribe. He also faced many issues in getting accessible reading materials. Unless the material can be turned into speech by a screen reader or is already in an audio format, it is inaccessible to him. Unlike others who could access the plethora of materials on the internet, he had to procure them in specific formats, and this hampered his preparation.

Rakesh is a first-generation law aspirant, and he did not grow up with discussions about the law or the legal field around him. He was not familiar with debating and the terminologies used in the legal field.

He got to know about IDIA when IDIA volunteers visited the Sai Junior College where he was studying. He finally saw an opportunity to get the support and resources he needed for pursuing law.

IDIA has been instrumental in his preparation for the law entrance tests. He said that we took care of him in every way possible by providing him with regular classes, personal mentorship, multiple mock tests, compatible scribes, and even transportation to the exam centres. He said that he couldn’t have gotten such personalised support from even the top coaching institutions.

He wants to become a lawyer who fights for the rights of those like him. Rakesh has been inspired by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam since he learnt about Dr. Kalam in his school. Rakesh read up about Dr. Kalam and heard his speeches. He feels that Dr. Kalam’s humble personality is visible in the way he interacted with kids. Just like Dr. Kalam, Rakesh wants to have complete faith and confidence in himself and his abilities.

Rakesh also has other varied interests. For example, he has travelled to Haryana for national rounds for judo in which his team won a bronze medal. We wish him success in his journey towards his goal.

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