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Ritesh Kumar Amlajiya

West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

Meet Ritesh Kumar Amlajiya, hailing from a small town in Rajasthan, whose dream of studying law has come true with the invaluable support of IDIA.. As a student from a lower-middle-class family, the high fee structure of National Law Universities (NLUs) seemed like an insurmountable hurdle. However, Ritesh’s determination and IDIA’s assistance made it possible for him to pursue law in one of the renowned NLUs.

Having a father as the sole breadwinner and a lawyer, Ritesh’s journey to law was deeply influenced by his family’s legal background. His twin sister also shares the same passion for law, and IDIA’s financial support has been a blessing for both siblings, enabling them to chase their dreams together.

For Ritesh, the allure of law lies in its subjectivity, where nothing is entirely right or wrong, and everything is open to interpretation. Recognizing law’s vital role in shaping society, he is deeply committed to making a positive impact through his legal journey.

Beyond law, Ritesh is a multifaceted individual with various interests. From playing chess and creating sketches to indulging in video games and cooking, he embraces each opportunity to learn and gain knowledge. His passion and curiosity drive him to explore new avenues and embrace life’s diverse experiences.

Ritesh Kumar Amlajiya’s pursuit of law stands as an inspiration to aspiring legal minds, showcasing the transformative power of support and determination. With IDIA by his side, he embarks on a path that promises not only professional success but also personal growth, fueled by his passion for law and the pursuit of knowledge.

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