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Abhinav Shukla

Nat’nl Univ. of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi

Abhinav hails from a small and beautiful village called Bakhtapur which is located at a distance of 12 kilometres from the main district of Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh. Approximately 500 people reside in the village who mostly work in the fields. Abhinav’s family consists of 6 members including his grandfather, parents, and two siblings. The only earning member in his family is his father who works as a farmer in a small field. His elder siblings have completed their schooling at Government Public Colleges but had to quit further studies due to a lack of resources. Now, they help their parents.

Abhinav has had high ambitions since he was young. Since childhood, he wanted to do something impactful and bring a change in society. Abhinav’s journey of pursuing legal education started when he was studying in the 11th standard. He wanted to crack CLAT even when the possibility of affording the law college fees felt out of his reach.

Abhinav has always been a brilliant and hardworking student since he was young. He got admission to a residential philanthropic school called Vidyagyan. He has been a school topper since the 6th standard. He scored 98% in the 10th standard. In addition to academics, Abhinav is also a good debater. He has represented his school at various international MUNs and is extremely enthusiastic about participating in debating competitions in law schools.

He considers Mr. Shiv Nadar, the founder of Vidyagyan, as his role model. He is inspired by him and wants to contribute to society. He wants to work on providing education to meritorious students who do not get the right opportunities due to their backgrounds. On being asked about his inspiration to pursue a legal education, Abhinav says – “In a law university, you are studying with the top 1% of students who want to pursue a legal education. I have seen the potential changes in the personality and behaviour of law university graduates. I look forward to broadening my horizons of learning and brightening my future.

Abhinav got to know about IDIA through his school administration. He was also enrolled in Legal Edge by his school. Through his rigorous hard work, dedication, consistency, and diligence, he was able to crack CLAT even though he only had four days to prepare after his board examination. He feels grateful to IDIA and says – “IDIA supported me financially as well as academically. IDIA provided me with mocks to practice and regular doubt-solving sessions. It took away my worries about financial constraints which helped me give my undivided attention to CLAT.” Abhinav’s diligence paid off and he is one step closer to achieving his dream. We hope to see this budding lawyer become a change-maker soon

Headshot of Abhinav. He is standing and smiling towards the camera. He is wearing a blue checked shirt and spectacles and standing against a light blue background.

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