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Ashutosh Sonkar

National Law University, Delhi

Ashutosh, an extremely diligent and dedicated young man, hails from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. He has a family of four members including his mother and brothers. He has forged his own path from a young age and has fought many hurdles to pursue his dreams

2020 was a difficult year for many of us and it left a deep mark on Ashutosh and his family as well. His father, the only earning figure in the family, suddenly passed away. A cloud of profound grief settled over all the family members. Ashutosh was studying in the 12th standard then and his studies were severely impacted by the sudden demise of his father.

Ashutosh’s mother is a homemaker and the only source of income for the family after his father’s demise was his pension and the rent from a shop. The total annual family income was only Rs. 60,000 at that time. Ashutosh has faced various challenges such as financial instability, unavailability of a laptop or computer, lack of confidence in English, and internet connectivity problems. Despite them, he is motivated toward his goal of changing his life for the better.

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar is his inspiration for studying law. Just like Dr. Ambedkar, he wants to work for greater equality and access to justice. He wants to contribute to ensuring that people from underprivileged backgrounds do not have to suffer due to their circumstances. He feels that he is well juxtaposed to do so because of his struggles.

Ashutosh got to know about IDIA through a video of an interview of an IDIA Scholar who achieved AIR 3 in CLAT, where the interviewee spoke about the assistance provided to him by IDIA. Soon, Ashutosh started preparing for the IDIA National Aptitude Test. We were impressed by his performance and his passion for getting into a National Law University.

IDIA provided Ashutosh with strategy tips, training, and materials for preparing for law entrance examinations. He was also enrolled in Manu Law Classes and for the test series of Career Launcher by IDIA. Ashutosh says – “Without the financial and moral support of IDIA, I could have never dreamt of being in a law college.”

Ashutosh is also an avid and eclectic reader whose favourite hobby is reading short fictional stories. He is looking forward to learning many more skills and broadening his horizons further in law school.

Headshot of Ashutosh. He is smiling towards the camera and there are trees and cars in the background

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