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Kushal Agrawal

National Law University, Odisha

Kushal Manoj Agrawal hails from Gondia, Maharashtra. He lost his father in 2019. Since then, his elder brother has been the sole breadwinner of the family. When Kushal joined us, his brother worked hard to make ends meet through his part-time teaching and a Chartered Accountant internship.

Kushal has worked dedicatedly in every aspect of his life. His hard work bore fruit when he topped his junior college in the 12th standard with an aggregate score of 95%. Kushal’s family places great importance on education. They believe that education is the biggest tool in making a change in the world. Their belief has instilled a passion for education in Kushal.

Kushal’s brother initially suggested pursuing law as an option for Kushal. He decided to pursue it because the law is a medium to aid greater equality in society. Kushal wants to use his knowledge of the law to help various communities by working against injustice. He also aims to train new aspirants to enter the career field of their choice.

Kushal came across IDIA after a sensitisation session about law as a profession and legal education conducted by his brother’s friend who was an IDIA volunteer. After selection by IDIA, Kushal prepared diligently for the law entrance examinations. He successfully juggled his coaching classes, sessions from IDIA mentors, and his regular school studies. In addition to this, Kushal consistently attempted mocks to improve his performance. He spent nearly 16 hours a day on his preparation in the days leading to CLAT. He overcame his weakness in English by developing a rigorous reading habit and his weakness in logical reasoning by consistently studying from a variety of sources.

Kushal has many diverse talents, hobbies, and skills. He has a considerable interest in blogging that is fueled by his passion for politics and current affairs. During the lockdown, he developed a website called ‘The Debrief’, a platform through which he blogs about interesting issues that have caught his eye. Kushal is also a former district chess tournament champion and has qualified for the divisional-level chess tournament. He also loves watching documentaries in his free time.

We have high expectations from this talented young man.

Headshot of Kushal. He is standing and smiling towards the camera. He is wearing spectacles and a hoodie. There is a tika on his forehead.

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