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Pragati Purohit

Nat’nl Univ. of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi

Pragati Purohit is a hardworking IDIA Scholar from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. She has faced many challenges, especially after 2018 when her father suffered major leg injuries in an accident. After surgery, he was unable to resume his job, resulting in emotional distress and financial hardships for Pragati and her family. Despite all the challenges, Pragati scored an impressive 94.60% in the 12th standard examinations of the state board while pursuing the commerce stream.

Pragati is deeply interested in understanding the critical systematic reasoning used in law for forming and defending arguments. She is an avid reader of books that help her in learning more about this such as Thinking Like A Lawyer, Legal Eagles, etc. She also reads other non-fiction novels and keeps updated about current affairs.

In law college, she hopes for the opportunity to sharpen her argumentative skills. She likes to analyse and form her views even if the final perspective may be unusual or unorthodox. Another reason for her passion for pursuing law is that Pragati wants to be more legally aware and use her knowledge to spread legal awareness to those around her. She believes that many contemporary problems emerge from a lack of legal awareness.

Pragati wanted to clear CLAT in 2021 but she could not pursue her dreams because of financial difficulties. Her choices were limited, and she had to reconsider her dreams. A ray of hope came into her life when she got to know about IDIA through her brother’s friend who is an IDIA Scholar studying at Gujarat National Law University. The rest, as they say, is history!

Pragati attributes her success in CLAT 2022 to the support provided by IDIA. She was also enrolled in Manu Law Classes for the duration of her CLAT preparation by IDIA. Her interest in reading non-fiction books and learning about current affairs played a role in her success in CLAT. We are impressed by her attitude towards reaching her goals. She seizes the opportunities that come her way and tries to make the best out of them. We hope that all the dreams of this hard-working IDIA Scholar come true.

Headshot of Pragati Purohit. She is smiling and wearing a red T-shirt. She has long hair and is standing against a white background.

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