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IDIA Fights Back COVID-19

UPDATE: Amidst lockdowns and travel restrictions, we have urgently sent most of our scholars to their respective homes. Most of them are traveling by last minute flight bookings. Our directors who are working from home are on their toes and making sure that each of our scholars is fine. We have started checking up on scholars’ families to see if they are facing financial strains due to the current situation.

We hope that you are also practicing social distancing. We can fight COVID 19 together!


Coronavirus has affected us all deeply. Sadly, IDIA has also been adversely impacted by it in many ways. It has caused disruptions in the lives of our Scholars, Trainees and members/volunteers.

At IDIA, we had to cancel rigorous classroom training for our top Trainees of 2020 batch. This year, we had planned a novel approach to training in which we bring together our top Trainees to coach in one place for the law entrance examinations of 2020. We had to drop this initiative as it is not safe to travel or congregate in close quarters in large numbers. We are now looking to substitute it with online classes.

The colleges are shutting down temporarily, forcing our Scholars and some of our Trainees to travel back to their homes. This is not only an added financial burden for the organisation but also disrupts the studies of the Scholars and the training of the Trainees. The Scholars are mentored by the teams after their admission to the colleges. This is especially needed in the first few years of their college studies. With colleges closing, it would be difficult to provide mentoring to the Scholars as face-to-face mentoring can never be substituted! The teams had been regularly administering the mocks prepared by our Training and Materials team for our Trainees. Now, these mocks will have to be monitored virtually which impacts their efficacy.

With schools and colleges shutting down, it would not be possible to carry out Sensitisations. Through our Sensitisations, we spread awareness about legal education and law as a career.

We had to postpone our events. In particular, the much awaited charity event IDIA Football League that takes places in Mumbai has been postponed. However, this just gives us a chance to come back bigger and stronger.

We are all working from home now!

COVID-19 has caused lots of confusion, uproar and anxiety for all of us. We are constantly innovating and adapting to the circumstances, and nothing will stop us in our mission. If you have tips on mitigating these circumstances or could provide any support, please let us know. You can email us at Till then, please stay safe and healthy!

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