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IFL is Back, and it’s Bigger and Better!

“Out of the Courtroom and Onto the Field

From Suits and Boots to Jerseys and Cleats”


IDIA Football League is back


IDIA Football League (IFL) is back!!

This year marks the fifth-year anniversary of this unique event.

An event that promotes diversity in legal education.  IFL is IDIA’s annual fundraising football tournament in Mumbai that brings together legal professionals to compete on the football field. Funds raised from the league are used for promoting legal education of students from underprivileged backgrounds. It is now a popular league among legal professionals that is conceptualized based on sport’s ability to nurture diversity in the society.


Group image of people in blue and white T-shirts holding up props saying things like IDIA, IDIA Football League etc.


IFL 2018 will be held at St Stanislaus Ground, Mumbai on 6 – 7  of October, 2018. St. Stanislaus is an upcoming astro turf park in Bandra for sports lovers. 16 teams are participating in the event. Legal professionals will compete in nail-biting “friendly” matches, and battle it out to bring home the coveted IFL Cup. IFL brings together professionals, friends, families and well-wishers to play, make memories and support the cause of diversity. Don’t miss out on off-field gossiping and refreshing snacks. This year, we are also hosting a bake sale where an exceptionally talented baker Zia will have her baked goodies on display.


Image of Pooja and Aditi holding mics. The text has their names.

We will kick-start IFL with a celebratory IFL Night and Gala Dinner on 6 October, 2018 to inaugurate the event. We are privileged to showcase the performances by two lawyers pursuing their passion for arts. Prepared to be mesmerised by the voice of Aditi Ramesh who left her job as a corporate lawyer to pursue her passion for music. She is an exemplary vocalist, songwriter and producer. Also, be ready to enjoy a hilarious stand-up act by Pooja Natarajan, a corporate lawyer by day and sometimes, night, and a standup comedian when time permits! IFL Night and Gala Dinner is a wonderful networking opportunity, and to let your hair down. Please click on the link to purchase the passes for the event.

We look forward to seeing you there! Play for diversity and support the cause!

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